vendredi 22 janvier 2010

Chuck Cissel - Just For You - 1979

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'Just For You' I bought on import when it arrived on these shores in 1979. The preceeding 12 inch single, 'Cisselin' Hot', was the 'bee's knees' on the dancefloor back in those days. A real stomper that sounds dated these days. What made this album such a great release was the production involvement of Skip Scarborough and Dave Crawford. They really gave this outing a feeling of 'freshness' that is epitomised by the dancer 'Don't Tell Me You're Sorry'. A great tune. The real cream cut for this punter has to be 'Do You Believe', which is set around mid-tempo and is part written by Art Wilson (check the audio on him at this site, excellent stuff). It is one of 'those' timeless pieces of soul music. Great album.

Three years down the line, and still with Arista, came 'If I Had The Chance'.....came and went that is! I guess that that 82 was a vinatge soul music year that certain albums just didn't cut it. This LP has it's moments but is not a patch on his first release, however, it would be folly to miss the excellent 'Love Is Missing From Our Lives'. A great piece of soul music that would have sat happily alongside any tune from the first album.


Just For You (4:34)
Emergency (3:55)
River Of Love (4:54)
Don't Tell Me You're Sorry (3:38)
Forever (3:49)
Cisselin' Hot (5:30)
Lady In My World (3:17)
I've Been Needing Love So Long (3:46)
Do You Believe (3:41)

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