vendredi 22 janvier 2010

Bassist in 1979 from chuck cissel at A&M studios, studio "B" in Hollywood

oldschoolbass a dit…

It was 1979 and we assembled at A&M studios, studio "B" in Hollywood, Ca. Our producer was the late great Skip Scarborough and I was his bassist. Always excited to go into the studio, we were particularly pleased to be working with this exceptional talent from Oklahoma, Chuck Cissel, who had already distinguished himself on Broadway, performing in Hello Dolly, Purlie, Don't Bother Me I Can't Cope, Chorus Line, and others. In Chorus Line, Chuck played Butch Burton, an African-American dancer/singer with an attitude.
With Ollie Brown and Nate Neblett on drums and myself, Robert Russell and Wayne Douglas on bass John Barnes, keys, Johnny Graham, Paul Jackson and Louis Russell guitars, we cut the tracks for what would be this Lp. It has been a long time since I have heard this work and I wish to extend my gratitude to Bentley Funk for sharing it.

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