samedi 23 janvier 2010

J . Blackfoot *** SAME PLACE, SAME TIME 2001

1. Same Time, Same Place (Clayton/Dodson/Wilks)
2. Your Man Is Home Tonight (Troutman)
3. Last One of Your List (Dodson/Wilks/Williams)
4. Just Got Paid (Griffin/Hall/Kemp/Riley)
5. Two Different People (Clayton/Dodson/Wilks)
6. In My Bedroom (Clayton/Dawson/Dodson/Wilks/Williams
7. Special Kind of Lady (Dawson/Dodson/Golden/Wilks)
8. One Man Too Many (Clayton/Dodson/Wilks)
9. I Gotta Do What I Gotta Do (Dodson/Wilks/Williams)
10. Love Spell Is Gone (Bingham)
11. Love on the Phone (Deneroff/Fellini/Sonenberg/Waxman)
12. Happy Blues (Bingham)

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