samedi 23 janvier 2010


tracks / FELTON PILATE (ConFunkShun Co-Lead): 1.Nothing But Love Spoken Here, 2.Leading Different Lives, 3.Devotion, 4.InTime, 5.Takin' It From The Top, 6.OnlyForYou,7.Watch You, 8.Keepin' You To Your Promise, 9.YoursForLife, 10.Be My Baby, 11.Always Come Back To You, 12.Nothing But Love SpokenHere (Remix), 13. Nothing But Love Spoken Here (Euro Remix), 14. Nothing But Love Spoken Here (U.S. Remix #2)

Soulful crooner Felton Pilate has been wowing audiences for decades as the lead vocalist for R&B funksters, ConFunkShun. His silky falsetto highlights quiet storm slow jams the likes of "Straight From The Heart,"" "(Let me Put) Love On Your Mind," "All Up To You," and "Baby I'm Hooked ( Right Into Your Love)."

With the debut release of his solo CD "Nothing But Love Spoken Here," on Escapi Urban Music, Pilate presents listeners with a 10 song set of pure unadulterated tributes to the emotion known as love. Lush signature arrangements provide the melodic backdrops to songs that evoke sensual "ear- rotic" desires of the heart. Warm, sweet and intimate, "Nothing But Love Spoken Here" is the backdrop for an evening of romance.

From the onset title track, "Nothing But Love Spoken Here" Pilate whisks us away on a seductive voyage of love induced wonder. Providing all the production, songwriting, most of the vocals and instrumental tracks, Pilates sets forth a showmanship of skill. Titles like "Leading Different Lives" flow melancholy and forlorn, while "Devotion" rings with intense passion. "In Time" sways with the fervor of strong yearning but when A Taste of Honey's Janice Marie Johnson duets with him on "Only For You" the sentiment of love rocks sweetest. And on "Keepin' You To Your Promise" originally penned for the Stylistics, Pilate simply soars.

Pilate continues to tour with ConFunkShun. With a background that includes, per his production efforts for M.C. Hammer, record sells in the millions and a slew of awards, he was recently selected as one of the celebrity judges for the new online music network, American Idol Underground. This one-of-a-kind event offers the opportunity for independent artists to have their music reviewed by Internet listeners as well as the celebrity judges, providing a platform to reach the masses like only American Idol can.

Having experienced the recent drama of Hurricane Rita, in his home of Houston, TX, Pilate has also launched the non-profit, Singing4TheSouth, a karoke-kommunity, Katrina relief-aid fund raising entity to benefit the American Red Cross, MusicCares, and other charities. In fact, a portion of his CD sales proceeds of "Nothing But Love Spoken Here" derived either from or from will go directly to Singing4TheSouth.

"Though I had to evacuate, I still feel like the lucky one. Katrina equals pain, and music equals love. The challenge is on, and love is gonna win!" affirms Pilate.

"Nothng But Love Spoken Here" is a wonderful offering from an artist whose career has been a reflection of love. With nothing but love being spoken, Pilate certainly makes us want to listen!

Visit Felton Pilate at and hear it for yourself.

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