dimanche 17 janvier 2010

Southside Movement - 1975 - Moving South

Heavy heavy funk from this lost Chicago group -- an undisputed powerhouse in the mid 70s, and one of the city's few funky combos to really break out to a national audience! The album's the group's second, and is oddly even more obscure than their first -- and it's a stone cold blend of fuzzy guitars, stepping basslines, horn blasts -- somewhere between early Kool & The Gang and some of the doper group soul records of the time. Includes a great remake of the group's classic "I've Been Watching You" -- redone here from the first album, with cool electric piano bits sounding a lot like a lost Wu-Tang sample -- plus the cuts "Funk Talk", "Just Moving", "Do It to Me", and "Ain't It A Shame".

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