lundi 4 janvier 2010

Maxx Traxx - Maxx Traxx / CD 1982


The exclusive re-issue of Maxx Traxx distributed by Vinyl-Masterpiece saw the light in 2004, making the music by this band from Chicago accessible to a larger public. Now Maxx Traxx is available on CD as well. 'Ear-catcher' on the CD is 'Don't touch it! , a sublime boogie tune and without a doubt the best track on the CD, together with 'Let's have a party'.

The very scarce Maxx Traxx album was originally released on Pulse Records in 1982 and although quite unknown, their music is highly sought after among serious collectors. The vinyl fetches several hundreds of dollars on auction sites, but really appears just occasionally because of its extreme rarity status.

The rest of the CD is filled with some nice ballads and some up-tempo songs. The CD comes in the original cover design with a picture of the band members Steve Robinson, Terry Marshall, Laurence Dawson, Lee Gatlin, Michael Davis, Malcolm Banks and Marvin Sparks. Another great effort by Vinyl-Masterpiece, preserving rare 80's soul and funk in the highest sound quality possible for generations to come.


01. Don't Touch It!
02. You & I
03. Tell Me
04. Time Has Come
05. Let's Have A Party
06. Living Without You
07. To Be With You
08. Let Me Love You

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