samedi 23 janvier 2010

KASHIF *** 1983/ CD / first Lp + bonus

A monumental bit of 80s soul -- the first solo album from Kashif, issued hot on the heels of a few years spent penning and producing work for a range of bigger artists! Given his experience with the pros, Kashif's emerging here as a very fully-formed talent in soul -- a singer with a way of keeping things real, even when the tunes are catchy -- and a producer with a great ear for the changing styles of soul at the time. The grooves are often nicely spare and stripped down, yet never without a good sense of feeling -- and titles include "I Just Gotta have You (Lover Turn Me On)", "Stone Love", "Say Somethin' Love", "All", "Help Yourself To My love", "The Mood", "Don't Stop My Love", and "Rumors" .

1 Don't Stop My Love

2 Stone Love

3 Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On)

4 Help Yourself To My Love

5 Rumours

6 Say Something Love

7 The Mood

8 All

Bonus Track
9 Baby Don't Break Your Baby's Heart

10 Send Me Your Love

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