vendredi 2 octobre 2009


Une Perle en Smooth Jazz .
Philadephia native, Gail Jhonson is no stranger to the world of Smooth Jazz. Jhonson,keyboardist and music director with Norman Brown's Summer Storm, has enjoyede 2 indie label releases. The 1st Lady of Smooth Jazz now has a brand new CD, Pearls! The piano melodies are sweet, the grooves are mesmerizing, the flavor is a compact blend of jazz and R&B. She is accompanied by recording artists: Paul Brown, Nelson Braxton, James Lloyd, Marion Meadows & Grammy award winner Norman Brown. Listen to Smooth Jazz with a feminine touch...Pearls!

01. Pacific Breeze (3:46)
02. My Soldier (4:21)
03. Silky Slide (4:09)
04. Moments of Love (3:18)
05. Runnin' Around (4:33)
06. Feel Good Groove (3:50)
07. Miles Away (4:06)
08. Whisper Yours (3:48)
09. Let's Do This (3:44)
10. Sisters (4:12)
11. Pearls (3:13)
12. Soleh (3:43)

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