mercredi 28 octobre 2009

TimmyThomas - Why Can't We Live Together (The Best Of The Tk Years 1972-81)

One of the greatest east coast vocal group albums from the seventies, and still a sought-after classic! The band's an East Coast sweet soul vocal group, with a deep soul feel and some heartbreaking vocals that hit the upper reaches of the harmony style -- and they've got a super-dope look and style that puts them in the company of groups like Soul Generation, True Reflection, and Natural Four. Norman Harris, Vince Montana, and Bobby Eli all had a hand in this, so you know the production is right, and the sound is large with a sweet Philly mix of moods. Titles include "It's Rough Out Here", "I Found Love At Last", "Those Were The Best Days Of My Life", and "I'll Always Love You". CD features the bonus tracks "What Good Am I" and "Your Love Has Me Locked Up".

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