mardi 27 octobre 2009

HOLLYGROVE - New Orleans best kept secret - 1982

Although this album by the group Hollygrove is titled

"New Orleans best kept secret"

it was recorded in Philadelphia using all the top

P.A musicians such as Jimmy William's,

Keith Benson, Bobby Eli and Richie Rome

. The production was taken care of by Allen Felder ,

Winfred Lovett and Gary Gilbert.

The connection with New Orleans comes in when we

discover that one of the three vocalists

of this group is Theryl de' Clouet who originally

came from New Orleans.

Although only a mini album all the songs are quality of which

one is an up tempo dancer

and the others being mid pace to ballads.

The lavish production and strong vocals from the group members

and those especiallyfrom Theryl have made this a very collectable

album in Japan and yet almost unheard of in the

UKwith the exception of hard core collectors.

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