samedi 13 février 2010


A solid bit of modern soul from The Writers -- a top-shelf group who only recorded two albums for Columbia in the late 70s, both of them great! This set's their second, and it really has the group finding their sound -- a perfect balance between all-star members who include Jerry Peters, Frank Floyd, Anthony Jackson, and Ralph MacDonald! MacDonald produced, with that same sort of jazz/soul blend you find on his best work of the 70s -- and Floyd sings vocals on all the cuts, with a style that's slightly left of center -- some deeper soul touches that recall the smoother work of DJ Rogers or Rance Allen, and which sit nicely next to the album's jazzier instrumental stylings. The mix is great throughout, and titles include "I Wanna Get The Feeling Again", "All In Fun", "A Shift In the Wind", "What's Come Over Me", and "No Tears".

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  1. the writers all in fun 1979

    I own this album and enjoy it, have been looking for their other lp,

    all the music that's fit to play from 1978, do you have it?

    anyway, found your blog through a link, going to sample some of the fine looking soul that is here, thanks for sharing, if you know anyone that has this other lp by the writers, please post it someday, thanks again!