dimanche 22 novembre 2009

Paul Owen & The Capital City Star Singers - 1974 - jesus in on the mainline

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“Jesus Is On The Mainline” (SongBird LP 231) is an excellent album full of funky gospel soul and is one of my favourite SongBird albums. Information on the album cover about membership of the group, studio recorded and session musicians involved is very scarce. All we know is that besides Paul Owens, Roger Liscomb is singing lead on a few of the songs. On “I’ll Fly Away” they share the lead. So no information about the musicians involved and it’s the music that takes this album to the next level.

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  1. Once again stealing our posts, Bentley? You really have no shame.

    To all those who see "4BBWeekly" as the password, just come directly to our open site at http://4bbweekly.wordpress.com and bypass this thief.

  2. bonjour from canada.
    I wrote this to 4BB weekly, and hope one of you posts this. It is to both, but it's in regard to him calling you a thief! He's moderating his comments so it probably will not be on the messages, so please post his here :

    Nice to see you reviewing this Album.


    I have for many years, and you guys are just trading digital files among yourselves, which is cool and all, but 4BB weekly, has a habit of condemning others of STEALING FROM THEM.
    Sharing is cool I say. Just don't claim fame for your blog flame.
    I was linked here, as I saw another blog, Bentley I guess is the name linked to here, because of a comment left by "SOULBROTHA" on this other blog, claiming they Stole something from you. Well, sorry to say, YOU STOLE SOMETHING FROM PAUL OWENS TO CLAIM FAME FROM. This is wack, you have to check your ego at the door. This is the digital age "BROTHER" and get with it, stop being a selfish ME ME ME Child/monkey mind.
    Just because I have posted this LP (with front/back/label) scans From the actual LP (as it was never officially released on CD), and offer it even in 24/96 torrent since 2001, does not make me King ISH, or the ORIGINATOR..in the case of this LP it was 1973-74.
    does that make it that you stole from me? NOPE. So don't claim such things. That's a PUNK -ASS move. Pisses the enlightened ones off, because you do one good thing, but ruin it with selfish word flow.
    This Bentley character could easily crack your password and photoshop your little CLAIM to fame logo on each of the album covers you "do up" COME CORRECT please..for the sake of your integrity .
    Get with it, give the ORIGINAL ARTIST THE RESPECT, NOT YOURSELF, you are just a vessel to pass on the information. Until you post ORIGINAL MUSIC YOU CREATED, no claims, or you end up looking foolish. You should actually thank whoever you see using your files, it only perpetuates the MUSIC! No matter, how "obscure" or how common, this is what resonates with people, not your bitching and claim-sakes. BYE!

    Oh , and here's a tid bit of info you ALL left out, it's produced by one of the greats IRA TUCKER- muther fluckers!!! (RIP) oh how do i know this? BECAUSE I BOUGHT THE LP. - freqazoidiac