dimanche 22 novembre 2009

Brenda and the Tabulations - The Top and Bottom Records Collection 1969 - 1971

Amazing second-wave soul from Brenda & The Tabulations -- a mighty look at the group's years on the Top & Bottom label, a time when they really upped their game tremendously! Most tracks here still stay in that beautifully fragile harmony style that first brought the group attention in the 60s, but the overall sound is somewhat more sophisticated too -- very much in the sort of shift some of the New Jersey groups were making at the time, with the same sort of rough and smooth mix you might find on some of The Moments' best records. Brenda's vocals are wonderful -- more rough-edged than some of her contemporaries, which makes them feel very personal -- and the smoother harmonies from The Tabulations are completely free from cliche -- never just useless hanging-on or adornments, but a key part of the vibe of the tunes. Van McCoy produced a good deal of the material here, and the set features titles that include "Stop Sneaking Around", "The Touch Of You", "Scuze Uz Y'All", "A Child No One Wanted", "Don't Make Me Over", "And My Heart Sang Tra La La", "Always & Forever", "A Part Of You", "A Love You Can Depend On", "Where There's A Will", "Lies Lies Lies", and "Right On The Tip Of My Tongue"

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