dimanche 1 novembre 2009

BANDA BLACK RIO - LP saci pereré * 1980

Destination BRAZIL avec le groupe BANDA BLACK RIO groupe emblématique jazz funk latino considéré comme les EARTH WIND & FIRE brésilien !!
Avec leur meilleur titre explosif miss cheryl existe aussi en maxi pas evident à avoir !!
Mise en garde !!! ca démonte grave avec cette basse wah wah très expéditive!!!!

One of the best albums ever from Brazilian soul legends Banda Black Rio -- a tight batch of jazzy funk that's their last testament of greatness! The group are in fine form here -- grooving like a Brazilian version of Earth Wind & Fire as they mix together bubbling basslines, smooth keyboards, and funky horn riffs -- plus a few regional twists too, like work on cuica and Brazilian percussion! The record's a bit smoother than some of their 70s work, but that gives it a sophisticated jazz funk sound that makes things a bit more soulful than usual -- and which has the same appeal as some of the best late 70s work by Azymuth, particularly their classic album for Warner Brothers! Titles include "Subindo O Morro", "Amor Natural", "Melissa", "Miss Cheryl", "Saci Perere", "Profissionalismo E Isso Ai", "Broto Sexy", and "Zumbi".

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