vendredi 11 septembre 2009

The System – E.S.P. - 2000

Yes, this is the official comeback album for Mic Murphy & David Frank (a.k.a. The System). If some of you are confused by what the initials, E.S.P. stand for, they stand for Electro Soul Pioneers, because that is what this legendary duo is most famous for: their computerized-funk grooves that they put out through the 80's decade ("You Are In My System", "I Just Wanna Make You Feel Good", "This Is For You", and their famous Top 10 hit, "Don't Disturb This Groove").

You System fans know what I'm talking about. J

Well, it's good to know that most of the "System" hardcore fans do recognize this album that was released in the year of 2000 on their indie label, Town Sound Records. This release does have the well-known System sound that most of the fans are familiar with, and with the updated groove technology of drum and keyboard programming, the CD shows just how far Murphy & Frank have come (in fact, they were way ahead of their time in the 80's, when they did the "Sweat" album project) . This just goes to show you that these two respectable brothers have a lot more to give you on what's coming next in this musical journey, beyond-wise.

Now, the sad news about this album is that the music industry didn't see this album coming, or didn't care to see it coming, because the industry was, or is, being too damn busy trying to put out garbage music to the masses. Who wants to buy that bullshit anyway?

Actually, I would like to thank the "apeshit" music industry for ignoring good music, because it gives people like me to express myself on what music is good to listen to, especially if it's been discontinued, and not letting the new youthful generation hear what they really need to hear. (just might give me a new job as an A&R record executive, later on).

Oh, by the way. Mic & David did a remake of "You Are In My System". It's got a different feel than the original one, but I actually like the original, better. Cool change up, though. J

Overall, I love this album. Most of the tracks on this album are just plain HOT!

OK. Go get it!

Produced by Mic Murphy & David Frank for Science Lab Productions.
(E.S.P., Baby!)

  1. Heaven In Your Eyes
  2. As God Is My Witness
  3. Supernatural
  4. Love's Déjà vu
  5. Tell Me
  6. Soul Food
  7. Good As Gold
  8. You Are In My System
  9. Midnight Train
  10. Hole In My Love
  11. Can't Let You Go

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