jeudi 10 septembre 2009

RAINBOW BROWN **** LP - 1981

Merci a Funkytof.

One of THE holy grails of the east coast indie club scene -- and a landmark production effort from dancefloor genius Patrick Adams! Rainbow Brown were one of the last great indie groups that Adams worked up at the time -- a trio of lovely ladies headed by vocalist Fonda Rae, and pushed into a sublime blend of soul, disco, and moog by the magical talents of Adams. The whole album's great -- every bit as drivingly clubby and soulful as classic work by Pam Todd, Bumblebee Unlimited, and some of the lesser-known groups in the P&P stable. Tracks are longish, but done in a simple, soulful, and funky sort of dancefloor style -- one that was extremely refreshing for the time! Classic all the way through, with tracks that include "Let's Go Another Round", "It Ain't No Big Thing", "Happy Music", "I'm The One", "Come Let Me Show You The Way", and "Till You Surrender".

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